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          5. Founded in June 1993, MIZUDA Group Co., Ltd has developed into a large-scale private enterprise characterized with technology, brand and intensification via innovation. Its major business covers green energy, new textile, bio-pharmaceutical industry, real estate, and financial investment. The Company is reputed as one of China Top 500 Private Enterprises in Manufacturing Industry, Leading Industrial Corporation of Zhejiang Province, Green and Low-carbon Model Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Patent Demonstration Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Advanced Culture Construction Enterprise in Zhejiang Province and Pilot Upgrading Enterprise in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. With total assets of 8 billion yuan in 2014, MIZUDA has 9 first-tier subsidiaries (1 listed company), 47 second-tier subsidiaries and 3 Joint Stock Companies. Among which, there are 4 National High-tech Enterprises, 1 National Technical Center, and 3 Provincial High-tech R&D Centers. Trademark and products of MIZUDA enjoy the reputation of China Well-known Trademark, China’s Famous Brand, China Product Exempt from Export Inspection, China Famous Export Brand and China Product Exempt from Quality Inspection. MIZUDA boasts China Top 500 Private Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry, Leading Industrial Corporation in Zhejiang Province, Green and Low-carbon Model Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Patent Demonstration Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Advanced Culture Construction Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Pilot Upgrading Enterprise in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province and Advanced Basic-level Party in Huzhou City.

            One of Mizuda Group’s subsidiaries, Zhejiang MIZUDA Dyeing and Printing Group Co., Ltd was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 26, 2004 (Stock No. 002034), becoming the first private listed company in Huzhou. MIZUDA Real Estate Company is the only private enterprise of real estate in Huzhou, ranking Top 10 here and Top 50 in Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Wangneng Environmental Protection Co., Ltd implements environmental protection and energy saving business throughout the country. It has invested in 11 projects of municipal waste incineration for power generation and combined heat and power in places such as Huzhou, Zhoushan, Jingzhou, Anji, Taizhou, Deqing, Lanxi, Huaibei, Shantou and Lishui successively, meanwhile more projects are under construction in Sanmen,, Quxian, Panzhihua, Jianli, Yuzhou and Hechi. Huzhou Zhanwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hopetop Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, as leading pharmaceutical companies in China, are constructing national non-ionic cellulose production bases. Zhejiang Biomass Solutions Co., Ltd, invested by MIZUDA Group in 2014, is a professional platform in decontamination of livestock, providing professional services including project schema, equipment supply, equipment assembly, technical support and comprehensive solutions to residual materials. Biomass adopts the most advanced sterilization and dehydration technique in the world. The main technique comes from an American multi-national supplier, which possesses more than 80-year experience in equipment manufacturing, including complete production system, and creates a sustainable and innovative path for meat, poultry and fish-powder processing harmlessly, resourcefully and ecologically.

            Motivated by innovation, guided by technology and supported by talents, the Group actively expands the market with the strategy of “innovation orientation, transforming development, capital operation and building up strength”, committed to transforming and upgrading to promote sustainable development of the enterprise.

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